Attracting Places ... around ThaChang, SINGBURI

Wat Phra Non Chaksi The highly reserved Reclining Buddha image is housed. It is located 3 kms. from township.
The Buddha image itself is almost 46 meters long and is open daily to the public.
Wat Phikun Thong call "Wat Luang Pho Pae" by the villager, it is 9 kms. from Wat Phra Non chaksi in Tambon Wihan Khaeo, Thachang District, people from all direction like to come to this monastery to pay their homage to Luang Pho Phae.
Wat Pho Kao Ton is located in the vicinity of Khai Bang Rachan, a Vihara housing the statue of Phra Archan Tammachot, a Buddhist monk who was an outstanding leader of Bang Rachan Villagers at that time.
Wat Na Phrathat first called by the villagers "Wat Hua Muang" and later changed to the present named, is located west of the Chaksi Reclining Buddha in Tambon Chaksi, Muang District. It houses a very old prang which is assumed to have been built during the ancient Khmer glory.
Monument of heroes and KhaiBangRachanPark The figures on the monument refer to the villagers of Bang Rachan who performed a unique performance in Thai history during the reign of King Ekkathat in 1765 through fighting against the Burmese enemy part of whose around forces passed by Bang Rachan. Despite being many more troops than the villagers, the Burmese troops had to make eight attacks against the village before it was defeated due to its shortage of weapons. Such heroic performance has been currently appraised among the Thai.
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