Attracting Place ... around ThaChang, SINGBURI

Wat Phra Prang and Maname Kiln Site located in Bang Rachan District, some 17 kms. from Sing Buri. It contains within its precincts a Prang assumed to be constructed during the reign of King Narai the Great. There is a hill topped with a reproduced Buddha's footprint within the prang, in addition, traces of 3-4 ancient kilns dating back to Ayutthaya period had been found in a nearby area. 
BuriNational Museum located inside Wat Bod, In Buri District. There are several exquisite archaeological subject such as King Rama V's Palanquin, large shadow play characters of Wat Prasuk, various monk ranking ecclesiastical fans, Green Stone Buddha Image, ancient sugar came crushing machine etc.
Wat Sawang Arom

is a center for making Buddha icons / images with techniques inherited from experts in Thon buri.  This temple also owns around 300 Nang Talung pieces in perfect condition.  It lies about 2 km off the old City Hal.

Mae La Maharachanuson Park is a fish conservation and breeding project in Mae La, a major river of Sing Buri with abundant food resources for fish.  Fish caught here are therefore bigger and fresh, especially pla chon which is the province's recommended dish and souvenir.  But with the fish numbers dwindling, this project was initiated to preserve the breed as well as to commemorate His Majesty the King's 60 the anniversary.  The park is 9 km away from Muang district, on Highway 309.
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